The Top 3 Do’s for Buying Dresses Online

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While there is something magical about browsing through wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with your bridal party and nearest and dearest, buying your bridal dresses online offers ease, variety and convenience during the incredibly hectic pre-wedding period.

What’s more, buying wedding and bridesmaid dresses online gives brides and bridal party members the opportunity to try on their gowns in the comfort of their own homes with the luxury of having shoes, jewellery and other accessories at the ready to be sampled with the dress, something that isn’t readily available when shopping for dresses in a store.

When it comes to buying your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses online however, here are the top 3 things you need to pay close attention to so that the dress you order online meets your expectations.

1. Read the reviews

No one will tell you the honest truth about their experiences with buying wedding dresses online quite like a previous customer will. Making sure you check out how previous customers have reviewed the online shops you are looking at is a vital step in deciding to buy dresses online.

But don’t just take the online dress shops word, head to Google and search across the web for reviews and see what comes up. Varied sources will give you a good picture of whether to buy dresses from a particular online dress shop or not.

2. Look at the photos

All reputable wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shops will feature photos of their gowns on beautifully glammed up and styled models. While this is a great way of showcasing a certain look, it is important to get a realistic view of what the dress looks like in reality.

Look out for online dress shops that also feature images of what their wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses look like across different body shapes and even on mannequins. These photos will give you further reassurance that what you are seeing is what you are going to get in the mail.

3. Measure up

A reputable online dress shop will have a sizing chart that not only features typical Australian sizes but one that also details specific measurements so that you end up with a dress that is the right fit for your body type and shape. Some online dress shops even detail how to take your measurements accurately so you find the perfect fit.

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