5 tips for finding your wedding dress in Perth

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When it comes to finding “the one” (your wedding dress and not your partner!) the search for the perfect dress can be an overwhelming experience. If you haven’t yet started the search for your dream wedding dress, or if you are starting to feel like the process is getting too much to handle, here are our top 3 tips when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress.

Don’t bring an entourage

Reality TV wedding shows and all those romantic comedies out there have made it look like brides need to bring every female friend and relative to help with the dress search. We understand that your wedding dress is probably the most important dress that you will ever wear, so you want it to be perfect. But too many opinions make it all that much harder to come to a decision on a wedding dress.

In our experience at Wild Violet, we have found that most brides tend to fare the best in the search for their wedding dress when they are accompanied by their mum and maybe a sister or best friend. These people generally have the bride’s best interest at heart and have an understanding of the sort of wedding dress that the bride is looking for.

Keep size in mind, but don’t get hung up on it

Wedding dresses tend to vary considerably in size. For normal clothing you could be a size 8 off the rack, but when you start trying on wedding dresses and see the label that says size 12, do not be alarmed. Rather than focusing on what the label says, instead make sure that your measurements match a particular designers wedding dress size chart.

Another point worth mentioning is the likelihood that once you got engaged, you thought “I need to lose weight”. Buying a wedding dress based on the potentially slimmer bride that will be walking down the aisle in 6 months time is risky since it is much more difficult, even impossible, to let sizing out. It is much more straightforward to add more size to a wedding dress so we recommend that brides buy a wedding dress that suits their current body.

There is such a thing as shopping too early

It is not uncommon nowadays for couples to opt for longer engagements, so we recommend that brides try to resists the excitement and not start shopping for their wedding dresses more than 12 months in advance. Once brides start shopping and trying on wedding dresses, they will undoubtedly fall in love with one. But if brides know that they aren’t yet ready to purchase, they can become dissatisfied with the process.

The wedding dress you choose will also be influenced by the theme of your wedding, the venue and the other members of the bridal party. So get all those details sorted before you start shopping for your dream wedding dress.

At Wild Violet we have an extensive range of bridesmaid dresses and we’re building a collection of wedding dresses which are all individually curated and available on display at our retail store in Applecross, Perth. Click here to contact Wild Violet for more information regarding our locally-made Perth wedding dresses.