3 Common Mistakes when Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

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Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress for all members of your bridal party can oftentimes be just as tricky and stressful as finding the perfect wedding dress. One womans idea of “chic” could be another’s idea of bridesmaid dress hell, and while you might have always dreamed about having a bright yellow bridal party, your fair skinned bridesmaids will probably disagree. So how do you decide how to choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses?

We have put together 3 of the most common mistakes that brides made when picking their bridesmaid dresses for their bridal party.

Not asking the right questions

When asked to be a bridesmaid, most members of your bridal party will have some idea of what they are signing up to if they say yes. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be asking them questions, and that right questions at that.

At Wild Violet we have discovered that when shopping for bridesmaid dresses, most brides will ask what style of dress their bridal party would like to have. While this can seem like the obvious question, it actually makes the process more difficult since one bridesmaid would love an off the shoulder silk gown while another would love that knee length playful dress. The right question to ask is “What type of dress won’t you wear?”. It is considerably easier to close down on a list of bridesmaid dress “won’ts” rather than a list of their “must haves”.

Providing too many options

If you want to avoid sifting through endless pictures of bridesmaid dresses and forgo the hundreds of text messages from your bridal party asking “what about this one?”, then it is far better to narrow down the bridesmaid dress options rather than letting your bridal party pick whatever dress they want. If you want a level of cohesion between your bridesmaid dresses, try picking a colour or colour family to work with and let your bridesmaids choose from those parameters.

Jump up and get down

While your bridesmaid dresses may look amazing when you are posing for the all important wedding pictures, your dress may betray you seconds into House of Pain’s “Jump Around” on the dance floor. To ensure that your bridal party are completely comfortable and unrestricted throughout the entirety of your special day, try on those bridesmaid dresses and “jump up, jump up and get down”!

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Who Pays for the Bridesmaid Dress, Hair and Shoes – Bridesmaid Dresses Perth | Wild Violet Formal Wear

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Who Pays for What When it Comes to Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid can be really fun and a big honor, but it can also be expensive if the bride decides that she won’t be forking over the money to pay for everything that it takes to look great on the wedding day. It isn’t always clear who pays for the bridesmaid dress, hair and shoes, and it may become a cause of contention if the bride is not upfront about what she will cover and what the wedding party is expected to purchase.

Bridesmaid Dresses

General etiquette suggests that the bridesmaids should pay for their own dresses, regardless of the dress the bride chooses. Since some bridesmaid dresses Perth brides choose can be extremely expensive, many brides opt to pay for half, only asking their maids to cover the remaining cost. If you are a bridesmaid and hate the dress you are being asked to wear, you may want to see if some accommodations can be made, since you are likely paying quite a bit for the dress. As the bride, you should try to make your wedding party happy, though you may not be able to please everyone.


When deciding who pays for the bridesmaid dress, hair and shoes, it may be a good option to provide the shoes as a bridesmaid gift. This can help your bridesmaids keep their costs low, while also allowing you to give them something that they will hopefully wear again. If you want your maids in designer shoes, make sure to ask them first or offer to pay for them yourself, since they can get up there in price.


Similar to the shoes, the accessories that you ask your bridesmaids to wear can serve a dual purpose as a thank-you gift. Otherwise, you may want to ask your bridesmaids to wear a certain type of jewelry that they already own, such as pearls or diamonds.

Hair and Makeup

When it comes to who pays for the bridesmaid dress, hair and shoes, hair and makeup are typically covered by the bridesmaids. Unless the bride has certain expectations and wants the bridesmaids to have the exact same hairstyles, makeup, nails or other beauty products, each bridesmaid should take care of those details on her own, or use a reasonably priced professional hired by the bride.

The etiquette surrounding weddings can be complicated, and knowing who pays for the bridesmaid dress, hair and shoes can be a touchy subject, but being honest and straightforward about who will cover the costs can help ease any sticker shock that may result.