Why Silver Shoes are Always a Good Idea for Formal Wear

Why Silver Shoes are Always a Good Idea for Formal Wear

You have a big event coming up, you’ve browsed through hundreds of evening dresses, and you’ve finally found the right one for you. There’s just one problem – you have no idea what shoes to wear with it. If this is your dilemma, there are several reasons why a pair of silver shoes should be your go-to option.

They Work During Every Season

While some formal dresses look best when it’s colder outside, others work better when the temperatures are hot. For example, a bright red dress or black dress is perfect for holiday parties. However, for others, a light and airy lilac or peach dress is great for events that are hosted outside during the summer. However, unlike evening dresses, this same rule doesn’t apply for shoes. Regardless of what the weather is like outside, you can always get away with donning a pair of silver shoes with your dress.

They Come in Many Different Styles

If you think that silver is boring, think again. Silver shoes come in a variety of different styles to perfectly complement the dress that you plan to wear. For example, silver shoes can be high heels, flats, shimmery, sparkly, or have a wedge heel to make them extremely comfortable. It’s never a bad idea to have a few different pairs of silver shoes in your closet to match your dresses for special occasions.

They Look Good With Virtually Every Dress

Have you ever spent hours trying on different evening dresses because you just couldn’t find the right pair of shoes to match? With a pair of silver shoes, this will never be an issue because this colour looks great with virtually any colour and style of dress. This way, you can focus on finding the right dress for your body type and personal style instead of stressing over whether or not you’ll be able to find a great pair of shoes to go with it.

Finding the Right Fit

When you put on a pair of silver shoes, they may feel good right after you first put them on but you may suffer from sore feet and blisters later on in the night. To ensure that this doesn’t happen when you’re wearing evening dresses, it’s important that you make sure your shoes fit correctly by taking the following steps:

  • – Put on both of your shoes all the way, exactly as if you were about to walk out the door
  • – Take a few minutes and walk around the house with your shoes on and make sure that they don’t feel painful
  • – Walk in a straight line and watch how your shoes turn with the rest of your body when you make a quick turn
  • – Take a full analysis of how your shoes feel when they are on your feet and whether or not they cause you any discomfort in your heels or toes
  • – Make sure that your shoes stay securely on your feet as you walk

As long as your silver shoes fit correctly when you’re wearing evening dresses, you’ll never regret the decision to go with this colour. Remember, there’s no better way to complement a beautiful evening dress than with a pair of shoes that look and feel great.