The Five Top Colour Trends for Evening Wear and Formal Dresses

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The Five Top Colour Trends for Evening Wear and Formal Dresses


When it comes to ball dresses, it’s not just about the way a dress looks on you and its design. Instead, the colour of your gown can play a large role in its overall look and flair. If you’re on the hunt for a dress to wear to an upcoming event, there are several extremely trendy colours you may want to consider purchasing your dress in to make the ultimate style statement.


  1. Peach


Evening dresses in peach are beautiful and sweet. If you would like to make a subtle statement as you walk into the ballroom, you may want to consider a dress in this colour tone. However, it’s important that you be extremely careful with peach dresses since this colour does not complement every skin tone. If you have pale skin and fair hair, it may be better to go with a dress in a bolder colour.


  1. Lilac


If you’re looking for ball dresses that are still soft and lovely and aren’t sure that peach is the best colour, you may want to consider a lilac dress. Formal dresses in this colourcan make your eyes stand out, especially if they are blue, and make you look like a princess, even if you don’t wear a tiara. If you are planning a spring wedding, dresses in lilac can also make striking bridesmaid dresses.


  1. Black


Black is one style for prom dresses and evening wear that won’t ever go out of style. Unlike peach and lilac dresses, ball dresses in this colour are designed to make you stand out whenever you walk into a room. However, since this colour is so bold, you may want to limit the accessories you wear with it. Instead, you may want to sport a bright, fire-engine red lip and put on a pair of statement earrings.


  1. Cobalt


This year, you’ve probably seen cobalt handbags, sweaters, high heels, and accessories everywhere you go. Due to this, it’s no surprise that cobalt is one of the trendiest colours for evening wear. Thanks to its radiant and deep appearance, cobalt is an idealoption for those who have cool skin tones instead of warm ones. Additionally, if you have jet black or chocolate brown hair, wearing a dress in this colour is one of the best ways to highlight this feature.


  1. Silver


Silver is probably the one colour on this list that takes you by surprise. However, due to its luxurious and eye-catching appearance, it’s no wonder that it is one of the top colours for ball dresses right now. Since it is a neutral colour, you may be tempted to pair it with bright accessories when you wear it during your big night. However, you should refrain from doing this. Like black evening wear, it is best to keep your accessories minimal when you wear a silver dress and pair it with shoes that are also silver.


If one of these trendy colours strikes your interest, don’t’ be afraid to give it a try. Not only will you make a style statement, but you will be sure to be the bell of the ball at whatever event you attend.