Ball Dresses Trends for 2014/2015

Ball Dresses Trends for 2014/2015


There are many beautiful ball dresses available this year and a whole glamourous selection lined up for 2015. There are many fun trends influencing the designs and, no matter your style preference, the perfect dress awaits.

Thigh Slits

Showing some leg is very in vogue. Dresses with slits up the thigh elegantly accomplish this objective. They can be an understated way to put some oomph in
your outfit. Flowing, lightweight fabrics are particularly good material choices because they more easily move around your legs and body. When you choose a
dress with a thigh slit it is better to stick to low-profile heels or sandals; you don’t want to detract from the look with a clunky pair of shoes

Open Backs

An open back, also called a keyhole back, adds sophistication to any dress. The amount of skin visible can vary depending on the preference of the wearer.
Consider pairing open-backed dresses with upswept hair-dos to accentuate the look. This trend is prevalent in both prom dresses and ball dresses.

Low Neck and Back Lines

Dresses with plunging necks and backs are also popular choices for ball dresses. Many of these styles feature lovely lines and are the last word in
elegance when paired with a long, full skirt. Using body tape to keep the dress in place can help avoid over exposure.

Metallic Colors

Dresses with cool metallic colors are also trending. If jewel and sequin adorned dresses aren’t your thing, try a dress of gleaming bronze, gunmetal or
silver for a very sophisticated look.


Full Skirts


Full skirts are on the rise. They are very fashionable, figure flattering and can be extremely comfortable. Full skirted dresses with fitted bodices in
different colors or fabric can really make the wearer standout in the crowd. If you’re full skirted dress is the same color from head to toe, consider
accessorizing with a metallic or jeweled belt to add some extra pizzazz.


Gorgeous embellished dresses are all the rage. Sequins, feathers, beading and jewels add glamour and sparkle to any dress. Minimalistic jewelry is better
when you have a lot bling on your dress so your outfit is not too overpowering.

Animal Prints

Animal print dresses are another eye catching trend for prom dresses. Let out your inner beast by wearing a cheetah, leopard or zebra print. Let your dress
speak for itself by keeping accessories to a minimum.


You don’t need to be a super hero to wear a cape. Dresses with capes are a fun way to add some glamor to your outfit. They are appropriate in any season
and come in many elegant, flowing designs.

When shopping for ball dresses or prom dresses pick ones that make you feel good about your body. One of the basics of fashion is that a dress should
flatter the wearer. The best dresses emphasize the positives and hide flaws, regardless of what is trendy. If you have great shoulders, show them off. If
you have a curvy more voluptuous figure, tight short dresses are probably not the best choices. By choosing a dress that complements your figure, you will
probably achieve a much higher level of fashion satisfaction.